About Us

Our History

The Domestic Assault Review Team (DART) of Huron County was formed in the spring of 1992, following a local workshop on “Creating a Coordinated Community Response,” presented by Ellen Pence and Michael Paymar. The Huron DART Committee was the first committee in Canada designed specifically to review the handling of domestic violence cases. At its inauguration, the Crown Attorney and the Executive Director of the Huron Women’s Shelter were appointed co-chairs, and community service providers made a collective agreement to work to improve the experience of victims and hold agencies accountable to the agreed upon protocols for providing services to domestic violence issues in the county. The Huron DART Committee became a model that was replicated in many communities across the Province of Ontario. The Huron DART now addresses sexual violence in addition to domestic violence.

Our Purpose

Evolving since its inception, Huron Domestic Assault Review Team (Huron DART) is an opportunity for community partners to strengthen linkages and enhance inter-agency cooperation, collaboration, coordination and integration. We provide community training and education to building understanding and awareness to live a life free of violence. Ultimately, our vision is a place where all women and children are able to live healthy lives, free from violence.