COVID 19 Resources

General COVID Resources

COVID-19 & Gender-based Violence in Canada:  Key Issues and Recommendations is a document provided by the VAW Learning Network. This document examines how COVID-19 may create pathways and barriers leading to gender-based violence and violence against women and children. It highlights key recommendations for responding to these issues, with a specific focus on the Canadian context.  

CAMH’s COVID-19 Discussion Forum is an online peer-to-peer discussion space where you can provide encouragement and support to others by sharing your own stress and anxiety management experiences relating to COVID-19. You can also receive suggestions for how to cope in difficult times. 

Children / Family COVID Resources

#HeretohelpON is a social media campaign that launched May 4, 2020 to connect families and youth in Ontario with assistance during COVID-19 by raising awareness about supports and services still available to help them: Ontario’s Social Services are #HeretohelpON during COVID-19 video

Keeping Children Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic is an article provided by Western University’s VAW Learning Network that promotes awareness and shares strategies to keep children who may be at an increased risk of experiencing maltreatment during COVID-19 safe.

Family Dynamics During the Pandemic: Closeness-Distance Cycle is a resource designed to inform us about how essential space is in maintaining positive family relationships. During COVID-19 and social isolation families may be spending more time together than ever. The Closeness-Distance Cycle is a family dynamic that builds resilience and reduces stress; it is okay to need some alone time once in a while!

COVID Resource for Men

Corona Crisis: Survival Kit for Men Under Pressure is a document created by White Ribbon UK featuring useful information appealing to men who may feel at higher risk to behave violently due to the growing stressors of COVID-19.

During COVID-19 our partners continue to provide services to support members of Huron County affected by violence.

Huron Domestic Assault Review Team: COVID-19 Service Updates

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger from violence, call 911.

For emergency shelter and safety planning call Huron Women’s Shelter’s 24/7 information and support line: 1-800-265-5506.