Healthy Relationships

So your friend didn’t respond to your message right away. What’s the big deal?

Healthy friendships and relationships require all people involved to give each other space. This includes giving people time to respond to messages.   

Social media has connected everyone to a fast-paced world. We send a message and sometimes expect a response right away. It’s easy for your brain to think negative thoughts when you don’t get a quick response. 

Remember that people respond to messages at different speeds. This is normal. Just because you usually respond quickly doesn’t mean others will do the same. The person may not have time to see the message and respond when you do.

It’s important not to make assumptions about why someone isn’t responding to you. There are so many realistic reasons what might be happening. Maybe their battery died. Maybe they were working. Maybe they had family visiting or were at hockey practice. There’s lots of reasons! Give your friend the time and space to respond and trust the strong friendship you have. 


Quizzes & Activities

Healthy Friendships Quiz

Do you know if your friendships are healthy? Find out with this quiz from Kids Help Phone.
Healthy Relationships Quiz

Are you in a healthy relationship? Find out with this quiz from Love Is Respect.


Respect Effect App

Respect Effect is a free, downloadable app from That’s Not Cool. Connect with you friends and complete challenges about healthy relationships together.


More Resources


If you are experiencing violence, you are not alone. Tell someone you trust. You deserve a relationship free of fear.

Huron County Resources

Huron Safe Homes for Youth: If you are 16 years old, in conflict with your parents/caregiver or experiencing homelessness call: 1-800-361-1640, or email:

Huron Women’s Shelter: An organization committed to ending violence against women and girls. Find emergency shelter, counselling services along with other programs focused on women’s empowerment here. | 24/7 Support and Information Phone Line: 1-800-265-5506 |

The Gab LGBTQ2S+ Virtual Meetings: The Gab is a safe, inclusive and fun way to interact and share ideas virtually with people that identify with LGBTQ2S+ groups. There will be youth only gab sessions available starting in Fall 2020. Email Bonnie to pre-register and receive Zoom meeting link.| |

Victim Services Huron County: If you need help leaving a violent relationship in Huron County, Victim Services will support you. If you know someone involved in human trafficking, Victim Services can guide you to help them find a way out. | Call: (519)600-4108 | |

For more local resources, visit our partners’ page.

General Resources

Cyber Tip: Cyber Tip is Canada’s tipline to report the online sexual exploitation of children and youth. | Call: 1-866-658-9022 | |

Kids Help Phone: Free counselling services and advice. Counsellors are always available to answer your questions, no matter how big or small they are.| Call: 1-800-668-6868 | Text: 686868 | |

Need Help Now: If you or someone you know has been effected by a sexual picture being shared online, Need Help Now will support you and help remove the picture from the internet. They will also provide assistance with cyberbullying and online safety. | |

Pflag Canada: Canada’s only national organization that offers peer to peer support for people experiencing issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity (services taking place virtually during COVID-19). | |

Sex & UAn inclusive resource for up to date information on sexual health and safety. | |

Teen Health Source: A Toronto based group that provides accurate sexual health and dating advice. Find self-assessment quizzes and other materials here. | |

Teen Talk: An online source with facts and information about healthy relationships. | |

That’s Not Cool: A group that wants to lower the risks of online dating violence for teens. Find information about healthy relationships online and offline here. | |

During COVID-19 our partners continue to provide services to support members of Huron County affected by violence.

Huron Domestic Assault Review Team: COVID-19 Service Updates

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger from violence, call 911.

For emergency shelter and safety planning call Huron Women’s Shelter’s 24/7 information and support line: 1-800-265-5506.